Frequencies in Movement provides annual courses as well as individual workshops, geared towards individuals at every stage of life’s journey. Participants so far have ranged in age from 20-70, and classes are comprised mainly of men and women, though certain courses are created specifically for women.

Annual Courses

There are three annual courses, each year focusing on a different model:

♥         The Five Intelligences

♥         The Four Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)

♥         Personal Growth through the Rainbow Colors

The courses are designed to enable personal breakthrough, with each participant choosing a personal territory that he or she wishes to strengthen inside of during the year. Throughout the year, participants delve into their territory in the way of dance, and at the end of the year, each person creates a dance that will strengthen them within the territory they have chosen.

These annual courses are suitable for anyone who seeks to discover the power of dance as a strengthening, diagnostic and healing tool. There is no need for previous experience in dancing.

Individual Workshops

In addition to the annual courses, Frequencies in Movement offers specific workshops that facilitate areas such as: Increasing creativity, self empowerment, improving couple life and family life, the feminine arts, teamwork, communication and conflict resolution. There is also a course for those who wish to become workshop facilitators and personal coaches within the Frequencies in Movement system.

Testimonies from Participants

Workshop and course participants from previous years have testified to experiencing the following results:

♥         Breaking through in business

♥         Improving the ability to make decisions

♥         Strengthening of self confidence and daring

♥         Improving interpersonal communication

♥         Improving relationships

♥         Finding a partner

♥         Losing weight

♥         Achieving inner quiet

♥         Growing self esteem

♥         Improving parenting ability

♥         Fulfilling a dream

♥         Improving health, including: lowering blood pressure, stabilizing diabetes, and relief from chronic illness

♥         Stopping the use of sleeping pills

♥         Stopping the use of sedatives

♥         Experiencing physical lightness

♥         Becoming more sensual and improving one’s sex life

♥         Finding that dance has become an integral part of one’s daily life, where one never stops dancing all through the working day.


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